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A guide to academia : getting into and surviving grad school, postdocs, and a research job

Prosanta. Chakrabarty 2012

Available at St. Ambrose University Library  Second Floor Stacks  (LB 2371 .C47 2012 )()

  • Title:
    A guide to academia : getting into and surviving grad school, postdocs, and a research job
  • Author: Prosanta. Chakrabarty
  • Subjects: Universities and colleges -- Graduate work -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; College teachers -- Employment -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Universities and colleges -- Graduate work; g Teachers; Universities and colleges -- Faculty; g Public institutions; g Schools; Education, Higher; Handbooks, manuals, etc
  • Description: 1. Preparing for entering academia : The hard truth about the academic life ; Getting a head start as an undergraduate volunteer ; The undergraduate CV ; Finding your research interests -- 2. Applying for graduate school : The hard truth about applying to grad schools ; Master's degree versus Ph. D. ; Apply to people not programs; and finding a good fit ; Contacting professors ; The graduate application ; Statement letter ; Graduate record exam (GRE) ; Write a CV ; Reference letters ; Get a website/cards ; Recruitment weekend -- 3. Graduate school : The hard truth about grad school ; Seminars ; Tool up early ; The notebook and the pencil ; Different kinds of advisors ; Candidacy ; Working with other graduate students ; Classes ; Publications ; Being a teaching assistant ; Tips on managing your time ; Picking a dissertation topic and writing your thesis ; Choosing a committee ; Grants and thesis proposals ; Meetings/societies ; Knowing when to finish -- 4. Finding a postdoctoral position : The hard truth about finding a postdoc ; Types of postdocs ; What a postdoc does ; A postdoc that's not a postdoc -- 5. Postdoctoral positions : The hard truth about postdocs ; Being the new guy or gal in the lab ; Advisors ; Running out of time -- Applying for jobs : Applying for jobs ; Applications ; Job interviews ; Research presentations ; Typical questions you are asked in a job interview ; Not getting the interview/job ; Getting an offer -- 7. Assistant Professor : The hard truth of being an assistant professor ; Negotiating start-up ; Other considerations before you actually start your new job ; How to spend your money and what to expect ; The first year ; Hiring people (technicians, students) ; Finding graduate students ; Making a new course ; Service ; Getting your first grant ; Getting papers out ; Mentoring committees, reviews ; Tenure package and reviews -- 8. Special considerations for women and minorities, and balancing work and family : The hard truth about being a minority in science ; The hard truth about being a woman in science ; The two-body problem ; Balancing work and family -- Appendices : 1. Example undergraduate curriculum vitae ; 2. Example graduate student CV ; 3. Example thesis proposal ; 4. Example job cover letter ; 5. Example research interests for job application ; 6. Example C.V. for job application ; 7. Example teaching statement and philosophy for job application ; 8. Example extra statement for job application (curatorial statement) ; 9. Example chalk talk for job interview ; 10. Example start-up wish list ; 11. Review package summary presentation.
    "A Guide to Academia is a handbook for all those individuals thinking seriously about going to graduate school. Written by an author with extensive experience navigating the academic world, the book explains all the steps and potential bumps in the road that a student might encounter as they take the plunge into academia. Each chapter begins with a section called the "hard truth," which will help students determine if they are on the right path. Starting with an undergraduate student looking for a graduate school, the reader is taken on a journey up the academic ladder through graduate studies, a postdoctoral fellowship and an assistant professorship. Each chapter gives advice on not only how to survive the current stage but how to get to the next stage quickly. Enhanced with material from the author's own job applications and interview presentations, A Guide to Academia provides concrete examples of the tools needed for a successful career in academia."--Publisher's website.
  • Publisher: Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley-Blackwell
  • Creation Date: 2012
  • Format: xiii, 175 pages ; 25 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN9780470960417 (pbk. : alk. paper);ISBN0470960418 (pbk. : alk. paper)
  • Source: 01SAUNI ALMA
  • Alma MMS ID: 991001072849702845

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